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The most awaited tournament is about to start- Cricket world cup -2015

Cricket is most liked sports all over the world. Many people love to watch this game when two teams try to give their full effort while winning the game from a rival team. No matter if it is a match between India and Pakistan or match between Australia and England; people love to see their favorite team fighting for the win. All teams from all over the world make their best efforts to perform well and gain maximum point in every game they play again the competitors. Every single player of every team gives their 100 percent to perform well in bowling, batting, and fielding. Every batsman and every team in this game has only one goal in their mind to score runs as much as possible, so it becomes hard for the rival team to chase that score.

With defending champion India in the game for this world cup, they will try to give their maximum at every game they play. The excitement of the Indian people will be doubled as the former world cup winners will compete against the most rival team against them that is Pakistan. Every team playing in this tournament has one common thing that is, no matter how rough and competitive games is by the end of the game both team players share jokes and laugh around with each other in the dressing room. After the game is played both team players does not have any rivals against each other. In fact, each country player enjoys their time with fellow teammates and the teammates from other countries. The good about this tournament is that every team has qualified for the tournament gets the chance to prove their skills again each other.

This tournament is not the only place where players from various countries play against each other. Some of the players play together or against in each other in Indian league that is also a very popular name as IPL series. Every person from India, as well as other countries, desperately waits for this tournament to begin so that they can enjoy the craze of cricket game. The good thing about both of these tournaments is people can get easy update from official online websites respectively. People can even book tickets in advance for the desired game they want to attend. Not only this, people can even purchase various merchandise of their favorite team such as jerseys, caps, flags, and more other stuff.

The schedule of this event is awaited by all cricket lovers and so that are made available on the leading cricket portals dedicated for information on Cricket world Cup-2015.For more info cricket world cup 2015 live streaming